21 Random Funny Facts you’re too lazy to Google

21 random funny facts

Today I have brought some random funny facts for all of you which you always think about it, but you will never find it, then I make it easy for you and answer all the questions together.

Facts like,

→why is the sky blue?

→why aren’t there any more dinosaurs?

→why do trees change color?

If you’ve been around kids long enough you know the incessant barrage of questions that as simple as they seem, often have you scratching your head.

However, just because we grow up doesn’t mean that our curiosity about the world around us goes away so if you’re ready to finally get the answers to the random funny facts that lie abandoned in the back of your brain then, you’ve turned into the right article.

So, let’s begin the random funny facts

read below and enjoy.

21 Random funny facts

1. Why do you get goosebumps?

Goosebumps form when tiny muscles at the base of hair follicles contract in the animal kingdom, this helps them warm up faster by standing each hair on end and creating a sort of insulation. In case of danger having all their hairs in the first standing helps an animal to look bigger and more threatening in front of an enemy and even though we don’t need fur to keep us warm or scare off our enemies humans still get goosebumps in cold weather or emotional states it’s the result of an instinctual release of adrenaline which means that goosebumps are just an evolutionary hand-me-down from our ancient ancestors.

2. Why does your voice sound different on a recording?

Have you ever heard your voice on a recording utterly unrecognizable isn’t it, what causes this is the ability of our bones to conduct sound, other people hear the sound waves of your voice coming only through the air and a reporting also contains just these sounds. Yet the way we hear our voices is a combination of the regular sounds and the low-frequency sounds conducted by the bones of our skulls, that’s why the first recording of your voice may come to you as a shocking surprise.

3. Why do you get a brain freeze from cold drinks or foods?

We all know the pleasure of killing the feeling of a brain freeze while eating ice cream or drinking a slushy or maybe it’s even happened to you when you breathe the air while jogging in the park on a cold day. The thing is that when something extremely cold touches roof of your mouth the nerve center located there tends to overreact in a panicked attempt to warm up your brain the nerves tell the blood vessels in the head to swell up jays nerves calm down and let me enjoy my milkshake lucky for us this stabbing pain typically lasts no more than half a minute or so.

4. Why does the sun darken your skin yet lighten your hair?

Both cases the sun’s UV rays break down melanin which is the pigment responsible for the color of your hair and skin the difference is in the fact that hair is made up of dead cells while skin cells are alive. When the pigment is destroyed by the sun it’s not replenished in the hair so it gets lighter. Your skin, however, answers to the sun’s aggression with a stronger replenishment of melanin thus making the color darker and giving you that glowing summary tab.

5. Why does time pass more slowly for a child?

You get the feeling that between each of your birthdays time is speeding up, well that’s probably because when you were a child you had to remember more events. Kids are only starting to get acquainted with the world around them and their memory has to collect more data. So their year contains more new and unfamiliar events than that of a grown-up. Adults have been there done that so to say which means that they can rely on previous experiences to quickly get through current situations but a child doesn’t have this experience so they take time analyzing much more information so maybe the right expression would be time flies when you’re having to be an adult.

6. Why don’t your eyeballs get cold when it’s freezing out?

Well, that’s an interesting question the answer is that there are no temperature receptors in your eyes, plus most of your eyeball is sitting inside your skull so it’s kept nice and toasty by the blood flow inside.

7. Why do your eyes close when sneeze?

Imagine this nightmare you’re driving down a busy freeway you see your exit and you need to merge over just as you’re checking for cars in the next lane you feel a sneeze coming on of course you know that every time you sneeze your eyes always close and why is this? Scientist aren’t completely sure but they do believe that it could be an instinctual response to keep the flying debris and germs coming out of your mouth from falling into your eye, it also could be because the muscles in your face including the ones around your eyes you voluntarily tighten whenever you sneeze.

8. Why don’t city pigeons perch in trees?

The pigeons hanging out in urban areas have developed a habit of settling on the rocky landscape where there are no trees, it means they didn’t inherit the tree perching reflex of their rural or jungle relatives. The structure of their limbs doesn’t physically prevent them from sitting in trees they’re just not used to such behavior, so you can say that these birds have been city 5.

9. Why is dust white against the black backdrop and black against the white one?

Dust is grey but the tiny size of its particles prevents us from seeing its true color, we just bought the difference if the specs are lighter or darker than the background.

10. Why do Raccoons wash their food?

Not only is it super adorable but it’s also practical, Raccoons often get their food from the water and it’s surrounding so there can be some loss or algae that they’re trying to clean off. Another reason isn’t so cute raccoons might kill their prey this way by simply rinsing the life out of it hardcore.

11. Why do birds fly in V-formation?

First of all, it’s energy-efficient, no not like those fancy lightbulbs let me explain, the birds flying in the front row create currents of air with their wings, those flying in the back rows can catch these drifts and save their energy. Well if I were a bird my lazy bones would be in the back row. Plus this formation helps all the birds at once see the leader who always flies first.

12. Why do we yawn when we’re tired?

when we’re feeling bored or sleepy our breathing slows down your body doesn’t like this because it needs your blood to be full of life-giving oxygen, so when you yawn your lungs fill with air that then feeds your blood with the oxygen it needs to carry throughout your body. Another reason could be that yawning stretches flexes the muscles in your chest which speeds up your heart rate and gives you more energy pretty cool huh.

13. Why does a brook babble?

Brook who, what’s he babbling about oh a brook they make sound when the air bubble gets trapped in the stream and then bursts. The bursting of all these air pockets gives us a variety of sounds which we call babble.

14. Why do you get motion sickness?

This happens because your brain gets bombarded with contradictory information in different parts of your body, for example: if you’re on a ship your internal ear feels the movement of the waves but your eyes don’t see it the brain tries to make these two separate feelings agree and gets confused. The results of this confusion are dizziness nausea and sweating to name a few.

15. Why do clock hands move circular?

Before we had handy digital clocks or even good old mechanical ones, people relied on sundials to tell the time, these old clocks had a pull in the center that past shadows around the plate as the sun moves across the sky. In the northern hemisphere, the movement of the sun caused the shadow to go from the left to the right the first mechanical versions of the clock was invented exactly there sometimes later, so you can thank the sun for those hands around the clock.

16. Why is the ring finger used for blood tests?

Well, part of it is a process of elimination the thumb and pinky finger are closely connected to the wrist so if you get an infection from piercing these fingers it can travel up into the arm. Therefore, it’s advised to take blood from any finger except thumb or pinky, on top of that the ring finger is the least sensitive. It works less than other fingers have thinner skin since you don’t use this finger often picking it doesn’t hurt so much and it heals more quickly.

17. Why did pirates wear eye patches?

They did it to cover an eye they had lost in an epic battle right, wrong black patches had no connection with missing eyes, pirates wore them to be able to see in the dark. It takes the human eye more than 25 minutes to adapt from light to the dark, so when pirates needed to go to the lower deck where the light was extremely dim it could simply remove their badge the eye beneath it was used to the darkness so this helped them find their way.

18. Why do goats have rectangular pupils?

These animals just like horses and hippos need rectangular pupils for survival with the help of the strange-looking pupil’s goats can see over 280 degrees around them, which gives the animals a perfect means to spot predators wherever they are it’s especially important for grazing animals that keep their head down to the ground. Other hand pupils resembling vertical slits like cats, for instance, are most typical for predators.

19. Why do you need to sleep?

When you sleep it optimizes the synapses in your brain, what this means is that your memories solidify, and the tidbits of information you’ve got throughout the day move from your short-term to your long-term memory. What’s more your body demands this time of rest to recuperate develop muscle tissue and synthesize hormones, remember the younger you are the more sleep you need or you know it’s okay for an adult to sleep 17 hours a night on the weekend right.

20. Where does toilet waste go on a plane?

Doesn’t it go flying towards the ground at top speed, hopefully not that sounds dangerous and gross when you press the flush button on the plane a valve opens and sucks down everything out of the bowl. The contents are carries into a holding tank within seconds, a single one of those storage tanks can hold about 20 gallons of waste right after the plane lands a service truck removes all the waste from the tanks props the guys whose job is to drive that truck.

21. Do you know how many living things are inside in your body?

There are more living things on and inside your body than there are people on Earth and not just twice or three times so the numbers are simply mind-blowing.

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21 Random funny facts




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