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50 trivia and random fact

Whenever a person is getting bored then he mostly goes to google so that he can spend his time and if he gets to know some random fact what’s wrong in this and that interesting trivia will blow your mind. so you come to the right place, here you will find some amazing trivia, that you never heard before and they will surprise you.

Make sure you will remember at least one fact as they might come in your life someday either you can feel it, see it.

I will tell you an amazing and random fact about life, animals and many things that you will be surprised to hear and you will impress your friends with your knowledge.

so make your self comfortable, read it, remember it and enjoy it. Read the full article for amazing trivia.

50 Random fact and Trivia

#1. In 1948, when Pakistan had no facility of the bank, the Reserve Bank of India then had the facility to issue Pakistani notes.

#2. There are 47 people in the USA whose name is lol means LOL, this is an amazing trivia.

#3. Quidnunc is a person who is always willing to listen to new things and news.

#4. Mac Donald’s burger has more fat in the burger’s salad rather than the burger, remember this random fact whenever you are going to eat mac d’s burger.

#5. If you write “nineteen letters long” it also takes 19 letters, you can say this is a coincidence but this is an interesting trivia also.

#6. If you search google from behind (elgoog) in the google search, then everything will be seen and written as behind or upside down. This is a mirror version of google.com. If you don’t believe this random fact you can try this.

#7. Do you all know that whichever month starts from Sunday, the 13th of that month always comes on Friday? I know you will try it so go and try there is nothing wrong here. This is a rememberable random fact.

#8. Have you ever thought that “all together” which means together it is always written separately? means there is a gap between all and together. “Separate” which means split but it is written together because it is the same word.

#9. 18.6 million houses are vacant in America and 3.5 million people do not have a house to live, so if those homeless people are given those houses then a man will get 6 houses. This is such a knowledgeable random fact.

#10. It is illegal to walk around with a wire cutter in your pocket in the Austin, city in Texas. If you want to know the reason behind this random fact stay tuned with us.

#11. I am going to tell you a very amazing trivia which is that if you are 16 or older, then 75% chances are that you have met your life partner.

#12. In Latin language ‘poli’ means many and ‘tics’ means many blood-sucking creatures, if seen politics means many blood-sucking creatures mean blood-sucking insects.

#13. If you search 241543903 on Google, then you will see such images in which everyone will be putting their head in the fridge. If you don’t believe go and try this and If you want to know the reason behind this random fact stay tuned with us.

#14. Christian bale loses 63-pound weight in 4 months for the role of the machinist, after that he gain 100-pound in 6 months for batman begins.

#15. In China, you can pay extra for a swim in a special area separate from the crowding area of the swimming pool.

#16. The ladies of the tribe area of Guangxi china can get their hair cut only once in their entire life, usually before marriage.

#17. You all must have been using a debit card and you must have seen that 16 digits are written on the debit card, but do you know what those 16 digits means, let me tell you the first 6 digits are the bank identification number and the remaining 10 digits are the unique account number of the cardholder.

#18. Do you know that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world? whose cost of 1 kg is 2 lakh rupees, because 1.5 lakh flower makes 1 kg of dry saffron.

#19. Cricket umpires earn more than $2200 I .e.150000INR for umpiring in one match. I can say that after listening to this you must have made up your mind to become an umpire.

#20. TATA have 100 companies in their under, everything from tea to five-star restaurants, steel planes are available inside the TATA company.

#21. African black tree wood found in Africa has a rate of $9081 i.e 690,000INR for 1kg. Do you also think this is quite high?

#22. In 1932, there was a war between Emu birds and the Australian army, in which Emu birds won. If you want to know the reason keep in touch.

#23. A businessman from Abu Dabi has the number plate of the world’s most expensive car with just one number on his number plate and got this number in $8.4million.

#24. The first call on mobile was made by Martin Cooper on 3rd April 1973 as he was the general manager of the Motorola company.

#25. There is a village named Pakistan in Purnia district of Bihar and in Pakistan also there is a village named Bihar.

read below for more random fact

#26. The American Heart Association has found that those peoples who cradles dog has reduced their chances of stroke by 27% and heart attack by 33%.

#27. Wadi-al-salaam is the largest cemetery in the world which was built in the seventh century, it is also known as Valley of peace and which is currently in Iran.

#28. One of the 10 battles in history was due to religious reasons.

#29. Hanging date is not stated before hanging a prisoner in Japan.

#30. Non-veg eating animals such as lion, cheetah, etc. may cause kidney damage if they do not eat red mass.

#31. A person named Ashrita Furman has so far made 600 world records, out of which he still holds 226 records in his name.

#32. Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher got the world record for the longest living married life together, they married on 13 May 1924 and they got the award in 2008 when their marriage turned 84 years. This is such an amazing random fact which proves true love exists in the past also.

#33. The snails living in the garden have an average of 14000 teeth and to break their teeth will take more force than breaking a diamond.

#34. Toronto is the first city to have a computer traffic signal system.

#35. There is a museum in Belgium which is just a strawberry museum. It sounds very good because not easily you will found a museum which contains only fruits.

#36. I am going to tell you a real trivia that you will be surprised to hear, you never put the grapes in the microwave because if you put grapes in the microwave they will get explode.

#37. Coca-Cola launched its 3rd product sprite in 1961.

#38. Can opener was inaugurated 48 years after Can invention.

#39. The eyes of the reindeer animal become blue color in winter and golden color in the summer season.

#40. If you pass the electric current in the pickle, then the salt present in it will act like conduct and the pickle starts to glow in the dark.

#41. Brain-eating amoeba known as Naegleria fowleri, which found in warm freshwater is so dangerous that once it enters the human body, that person dies in 7 days and 98% of the people cannot escape it and there is no effective cure.

#42. Cleopatra movie which came in 1963 and has a duration of 5 hours 20 minutes is one of the most expensive movies in the world because it had a budget of 5 million dollars which according to today is worth 370 million dollars.

#43. The first animal to go into space is fruit flies which were sent in the V-2 rocket, which was launched in the US in 1947. This is such an interesting trivia to know.

#44. Former US President Obama can watch the advanced episode of Game of Thrones first in the world because he was the only one allowed to do this thing.

#45. In January 2013, the Zimbabwean government’s bank balance was reduced by 217 US dollars.

#46. In today’s time, it is impossible to trust an unknown or stranger, even it is very difficult to trust even your friends or relatives but do you know what that fear is known as. The fear which stops us to trust anyone is called pistanthrophobia. I know you may not have heard this before, stay tuned with us to learn more things about life.

#47. The name Jessica was created by William Shakespeare and he named it in his play the merchant of Venice.

#48. China University of electronic science and technology students are forced to make a thousand emojis when they come late in class. If you will ever go to study in that university, then I can say with confidence that after reading this you will never go late in class.

#49. The Japanese inventor has invented a tree called air bonsai. Its specialty is that it floats in the air. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

#50. The people of the village of central China use dinosaur bones as medicine, they believe that it has special healing power. This is such an amazing random fact about China.

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50 Random fact and Trivia



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