15 Best and Amazing Facts that you should know

15 Best and Amazing Facts

Whenever a person is getting bored then he mostly goes to google so that he can spend his time and if he gets to know some amazing facts what’s wrong in this and that best facts will shock him. so you come to the right place, here you will find some amazing facts, that you never heard before and they will surprise you.

That best and Amazing facts that will change your opinion towards the world. This all will broaden your knowledge about the surrounding we live in and the reality of the world.

Make sure you will remember at least one fact as they might come in your life someday.

So you like knowing amazing facts which you never heard before, you come to the right place I have some best and amazing facts to tell you. so make your self comfortable and ENJOY.

Best and Amazing Facts

1. All Giant Pandas belong to China

True fact about giant pandas


In 2013 a panda cub was born to Mei Xiang at the National Zoo and this is quite big news because panda birth is a rarity.

In the 1950s, China government used the high popularity of giant pandas because to curry favor with other countries by gifting to other governments around the world.

The cost of renting a panda is $1 million(INR 76,000,000 approx) per year and to be payable to China’s Wildlife Conservation Association


 2. Hell Freezes Almost Every Winter-True Fact

The average temperature in January 2016 was a mild 25 degrees °F (minus 3.9-degree °C WTF)

 As a result, Hell freezes over, a third of the year, running from December through March on an average.


3. The Black Panther is not a Species-True Fact

The Black Panther is not a species but a melanistic(opposite to albinistic) jaguar or leopard.

Frequency of melanism appears to be approximately 11% over the leopard’s range.

In jaguars, the melanism allele is supreme.

There are no confirmed cases of truly melanistic cougars. as a result, Melanistic cougars have never photographed or killed in the wild, and none have ever reproduced.

4. An old Cannon is fired at Nine o’Clock every night in Canada-Fact

In Vancouver, Canada, an old cannon is loaded with a pound and a half of gunpowder and fired at nine o’clock from 30 March to 30 April 2020.

The gun is set to fire at 19:00 (7 p.m.), because of in support of local health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The nine o’clock firing later established as a signal for the general population to determine the time and to allow the timer of ships in Port to accurately set. Amazing facts.

5. Yor are Allowed to release anger by smashing plates on the wall

true fact

In Phillippines a restaurant called “Isdaan Floating Restaurant” allowed you to smash plates on the wall for releasing your anger, WTF is it true.

Guests can also throw mugs and bowls at the ‘Tacsiyapo Wall‘. Different sources of anger including ‘thieves’ and ‘boss/managers/supervisors’, painted on the wall for visitors to smash them as a result to release their anger.

Lots of people attracted to stop by this place because of its interesting design with stone giants. But here is a tip for you, this is the best place to stop over and spend time before driving back to Manila after that Baguio or Pagudpud trip.

6. Kit Kats are Made of Kit Kats

Unbelievable but true fact

The manufactures taste every Kit Kat, so every reject Kit Kat is mashed into a paste that’s used to fill the new wafers.

Because every imperfect Kit Kat already filled with other imperfect Kit Kat, and some of the Kit Kats they fill also rejected.

EVERY TIME YOU EAT A Kit Kat, YOU’RE EATING LAYERS OF Kit Kats means you eat more than one Kit Kat in one WTF.


7. The Red-Billed Quelea is the Most Common Bird on Earth

According to AUDUBON, there are 1 to 10 billion Queleas in the World, mainly living in SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA.

The red-billed quelea is sister to a biological group that consists of both remaining species of the genus Quelea, namely Q. Cardinalis and Q. Erythrops as per DNA-ANALYSIS.

Q. quelea is a major pest to small-grain cereal crops in much of sub-Saharan Africa; the kernels of corn are too big for it.

8. A Tiger’s Tongue is so Rough

Tiger’s tongue is covered with small, hook-shaped growth known as papillae. as a result, it can lick the paint off buildings(WTF) and strip the skin from the bones of an animal.

They made up of keratin so they look like sort hairs, our fingernails also made up of the same protein.

This papillae help’s the Tiger’s to strip the meat from the dead animal.

Such an Amazing facts.

9. Our Eyebrows renew in 64 Days

True fact about eyebrows

Every day our head hairs grow 0.05mm

Body hairs grows approx 0.27mm every day

And our eyebrows renew themselves in every 64 days (WTF)


10. Turkic’s Amazing sport called “GIRL CHASING”

Among Turkic peoples, a sport called “girl chasing“.

In which a man and a woman race against each other on horseback.

as a result of the man wins, he gets a kiss from the woman(WTF).

If the woman wins, she gets a chance to beat the man with a strap.

11. Physical touch makes you Healthier

This is a true fact

Studies show that physical touch makes you healthier.

Like if you hug, hand-hold, take massages it helps to boosts the Immune system

Because physical touch is very good for your cardiovascular health. as a result, it slows the release of the stress hormone, cortisol that’ll protect you from insomnia, heart disease, weight gain.

12. World Oldest Dress called “TARKHAN DRESS”

World’s oldest dress was found in Egypt and it is almost 5000 years old.

It is named “Tarkhan Dress” because it is found in the town in Egypt named Tarkhan in 1913, and undergo.

13. Saudi Prince bought Tickets for Falcons

A Saudi prince bought enough plane tickets for his 80 Hawks to fly with him on Qatar Airways.

Every Hawks sit in their seats in the central rows of the airplane.

Saudi men’s headdresses taken any seat not occupied by a bird.


14. Charles Darwin ate every Animal-Fact

Charles Darwin was a biologist, geologist, an English naturalist who gave their best contribution to the science of evolution. As a result, he is known as “Father of Evolution“.

He had a habit of gratifying in the new species he discovered.

Loves to taste the meat of dozens of different animals including a puma, an ostrich, and even a 20-pound rodent.

As a result, after spending months trying to catch it so that he could describe the species.

15. A man counted to one Million-true and Amazing Fact

In 2007 an American man named Jeremy Harper counted loudly to 1 million. as a result, he obtained the Guinness world record title.

The entire process live-streamed so he neither left his home nor shaved.

He took 89 days to complete the total counting from 0 to 1 million.

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