21 Interesting fact and fun fact that will blow your mind

Interesting facts and trivia

Whenever a person is getting bored then he mostly goes to google so that he can spend his time and if he gets to know some interesting facts what’s wrong in this and that unbelievable fact will blow your mind. so you come to the right place, here you will find some amazing trivia, that you never heard before and they will surprise you.

That fun and interesting fact that will change your opinion towards the world. This all will broaden your knowledge about the surrounding we live in and the reality of the world.

Make sure you will remember at least one fact as they might come in your life someday.

So you like knowing fun facts which you never heard before, you come to the right place I have some best facts to tell you. so make your self comfortable and ENJOY.

Interesting fact and Trivia

#1. A girl Tried to sell her Grandmother.

unbelievable fact

In 2009, a 10yr old British girl tried to sell her grandmother on e-bay, she provided honest details. Her name is Zoe and she explicates that the posting had only been a joke.
She also explicates that she posted this and put her grandmother on e-bay because she scolded her and she annoyed her and always moaning at her.

e-bay took down her post because it violates their rules and regulations. Such an unbelievable fact.

#2. Do you know what “pinky promise” really means?

interesting fact

From childhood till the time you all have pinky promised very prominently, but have you ever thought what is the reason for doing this?

Pinky promise doesn’t just mean that if we break it then it doesn’t matter.

It started in Japan where it is known as “yubikiri” which means “finger cut-off”

It originally indicated that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger. Now, it becomes a very casual way of making a promise. This is a fun fact what do you think?

#3. Do you know which is the most peaceful country?

In today’s time, there is no country in which there are no riots, but among them there is a country which is the most peaceful country and that is Iceland.

But that is not a special trivia, the unbelievable fact about the country is that there is no active armed force in that country and still there are no riots and they all live there very peacefully.

I think many countries should learn from this.

#4. Do you know dolphins don’t drink water?

Most of you must have seen the Dolphins in the ocean, but do you know that dolphins don’t drink the ocean water because if they drink the ocean’s water then their health will worsen or they can die also.

They get water from the food they eat. when they burn their fat, water is released in the process.

As a result, they have no direct source of drinkable water.

#5. A horse and its owner stuck in the mud.

Once in the middle of an Australian beach, a horse named Astro gets stuck in the mud due to the rise of the tide. His owner Nicole Graham, who was enjoying the beautiful beach tried to help the horse and stayed with him and holding his head for any hours.

As a result, the horse wouldn’t suffocate. After many hours as rescuers arrive, they take more than 3 hours to pull him out.

The 500kg horse was freed with the help of a tractor and harness.

This shows a very good relationship between animals and humans and we all have to learn how to treat animals.

#6. Fun fact about a transparent balcony

Have you ever been afraid if not, then after knowing this interesting fact, you must be scared, There is a transparent balcony on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago.

You can imagine how much your heart will burst when you are standing on something transparent at such a height. It felt like you are standing in mid-air which is a wonderful and scary experience.

#7. Do you know when elephants can refuse to eat?

unbelievable fact

If an elephant dies, its companions can also die from heartbreak because they give up all the food and will only lay down and shedding tears until they starve to death.

They are the only animals that can die as a result of heartbreak.

This shows the love of animals towards each other.

Such an interesting fact to know.

#8. Is a Lion friendly? want to know such an interesting fact read below.

A man who bought a Lion when he was a cub in the 60s and then left him into the wild when he grew up. 10 years later he was an alpha male in a nature reserve in Africa and became very violent.

When the man went to see him, Lion recognizes him and ran to him and hugged the man.

This proves that animals also have heart and feelings and we should treat well with them.

This is an unbelievable fact but this is a real trivia.

#9. Man with no arms and no legs.

unbelievable fact

An Australian man named Nick Vujicic was born in 1982 and was relatively healthy but the unbelievable fact is his both arms and legs were missing. He has one foot with two toes that dislodge directly from his left thigh.

Still able to write around 40 words in a minute, swim, answered the call, kick balls. Graduated and running his non-profit organization when he was only 17.

He is a motivational speaker and inspired a lot of peoples who has a disability or not.

#10. Would you believe if I told you the boat flies in the air?

interesting fact

There is an island in Greece called Zakynthos Island. An interesting fact about the island is that the water around the island is so clear even you can’t see it.

The boat is not floating in the air but because of the transparent and clean water, as a result, it makes the boat looks like float in the air.

#11. A trivia that will make you think about the Ostrich.

Ostrich is the bird who has the biggest eye in the animal kingdom and the fun fact is Ostrich eyes are even bigger than it’s brain.

Ostriches don’t hide their head in the sand, they just lay their head in the ground if they think there’s danger around.

#12. A tree that makes fruit salad.

You must have heard about many trees that grow fruit, but have you ever thought that there may be a tree that grows more than one different fruit?

In Australia there is a tree named as fruit salad tree because it grows 7 different fruits at one time.

It grows lemons, grapefruit, orange, tangelos, pomelos, mandarins and limes.

#13. Do you know which is the oldest vegetable?

Vegetable which was found 8000 to 10,000 years ago and in the stone age settlements is the Pea.

Ancient peoples ate plants or leaves but today we hate this.

#14. Do you think why fingers prune underwater? I’ll let you know the reason behind this fun fact.


You must have noticed when we swim or stay in water for a long time, our becomes prune but not because our fingers absorbing the water or washing away the oil, but because of an evolutionary trait caused by the brain to enhance the grip of your fingers underwater.

I know you all get surprised after knowing this interesting fact am also get shocked.

#15. Sheep did not die after falling from height.

This is an unbelievable fact which I heard before and share with you. In 2005, one sheep decided to jump over a cliff, and encouraged nearly fifteen hundred others to follow. But not all them died even after falling from a height instead only the first 450 were killed, because the remaining sheep’s falls were cushioned by the dead bodies below.

This is a real trivia.

#16. Do you know who guards us while we sleep?

fun fact

Whenever we sleep in any unfamiliar surroundings we have difficulty sleeping, and when we managed to sleep we wake up frequently in the night or early in the morning.

This is because of our half brain is getting a good night’s rest while the other half stays alert and it works as a way to monitor unfamiliar surroundings.

Is this an interesting fact?

#17. School desks have more bacteria than a toilet.

This sounds strange but this is true that office or school desks have at least 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

It spreads by employees or students not washing hands and companies increasingly hot seeking staff.

This is a very interesting fact.

#18. An Aeroplane had to make an emergency landing if you want to know this real fun fact read below.

funny fact

An American flight had to make an emergency landing because passengers told the plane staff that they smelled burning.

After all the investigation, it discovered that a woman lit matches on a plane because she had farted and she wanted to hide the smell.

The woman banned from the flights for a long time.

This is such an unbelievable fact.

#19. Is pizza healthy?

You all like to eat junk food very much and in which pizza will be the favorite of more than half people.

So I have brought for you such a true trivia, after knowing you will like pizza even more.

Eating pizza once a week can help reduce the risk of oesophageal cancer and it also reduces the risk of developing colon and mouth cancer.

I know this will be the most interesting fact for you to know.

#20. Missing someone causes insomnia.

Insomnia is a disease that makes you unable to sleep.

This disease is caused by missing someone badly if you lose someone and starting missing them all the time this makes you frustrated of being without that person and keeps you awake at night.

This is a real trivia or interesting fact.

#21. A very interesting fact about Duracell company.

interesting fact

If you use a Duracell battery in any of your devices, if the battery leaks and destroy your device.

The company will replace the device if it sent to them with the defective batteries still in place.

This is an unbelievable fact about a company that is having a very good policy.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article which gives you more knowledge about the interesting facts that will blow your mind and remember to share this as much as you can with your friends. Don’t forget to click the notification icon and turn it on. as a result, you receive new updates from our website. I will be back soon with some new and interesting facts.

21 Interesting fact and unbelievable fact


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