25 surprising and weird fact that will make you wondering

surprising and weird facts

Whenever a person is getting bored then he mostly goes to google so that he can spend his time and if he gets to know some weird fact what’s wrong in this and that interesting facts will blow your mind. so you come to the right place, here you will find some amazing trivia, that you never heard before and they will surprise you.

That fun and interesting fact that will change your opinion towards the world. This all will broaden your knowledge about the surrounding we live in and the reality of the world.

Make sure you will remember at least one fact as they might come in your life someday either you can feel it, see it.

So you like knowing weird facts which you never heard before, you come to the right place I have some interesting facts to tell you. so make your self comfortable, read it, remember it and enjoy it.

Surprising and Weird facts

#1. A goat is drinking beer-

Can you think that a goat can drink beer, I know you must have been shocked but it is true that a goat was seen drinking beer.

In 1986, a beer-drinking goat was elected mayor of a small town in Texas, USA. This is such a surprising fact.

#2. Richest colored girl in the world-

A girl named Sarah Rector who in 1913 at the age of 10 was known as “Richest colored girl in the world“. After being given a land grant that unknowingly produced 2,500 barrels of oil a day. Soon she received a daily revenue of $300(approx $2.6 million annually today) and marriage offers worldwide at the age of 12. she died by a stroke in 1967.

This a truth and it is a change of wondering.

#3. Weird fact about Jackie chan-

You all must have known Jackie Chan. He is a multitalented person and mostly known as a martial artist. He is an actor, film producer, stuntman.

But the one thing that very few people know about Jackie chan is that he is also a dubbing artist and he dubbed the lines for the beast in the Chinese translation of Disney’s animated classic beauty and the beast, and he also sang all the beast’s songs in Mandarin.

This is not such a weird fact but a surprising fact about Jackie Chan.

#4. A store which sells missing items in the airport-

All of you must be wondering that what happens to that luggage when someone forgets his luggage at the airport and if he does not take it back, does that item get burnt or does the airport staff take it.

No this will not happen and after the three months of extensive tracing process, the unclaimed baggage property is reclaimed for good and sent to the unclaimed baggage center in Alabama.

It’s one of the most unique places to visit in the entire united states, such a surprising fact about the US.

#5. Weird and surprising fact about Ravens-

Ravens is mostly known for his irritating voice, but I am going to tell you a weird fact that will change your wondering about ravens.

Ravens can speak better than parrots, enjoy playing in the snow, make their own toys, and do weird things with ants.

Ravens also are known to mimic wolves or foxes to attract them to a corpse that the raven isn’t capable of breaking open.

#6. The reason behind the “made in [country]” mark-

You must have seen the made in[country] mark in every product, whether it is expensive or cheap, do you know from which country it started and what was the reason behind starting it, this is a truth and very surprising fact.

The “made in [country]” mark was first established by the UK in 1987 in order to denounce foreign goods (mostly made in Germany) and encourage consumption of domestic goods. The plan backfired and consumers specifically bought products made in Germany as they were seen as reliable and cheap.

#7. A singing vehicle, you might be wondering after heard that read below-

You must have seen the ice cream cart in movies, cartoons, or some people even in real life which goes on playing a song so that people will know that the ice cream has arrived.

But in Taiwan, it’s garbage and recycling trucks that play music, not the ice-cream trucks. when locals hear the tinny melody slowly approaching, they head outside and toss their government-provided trash bags directly into the back of the truck. This system prevents trash from over touching the ground, helps eliminate vermin, and keeps the streets clean.

This is the truth but a weird fact also.

#8. Surprising fact about Japan-

Liquor is not given much importance in India and it is considered wrong but it is consumed by many peoples.

But after knowing Japan’s attitude towards alcohol, you’ll be wondering.

Beer cans in Japan have braille on them so blind people don’t confuse alcoholic drinks with soft drinks, such an interesting and wondering fact.

#9. The door to hell-

Can you imagine that you would just burn a paper and that paper keeps burning for years?

I know you can’t believe but in 1971, some scientists lit a hole filled with natural gas on the fire in Turkmenistan, expecting it would burn for only a few days. The hole has been burning for the past 40 years and is called “The door to Hell“.

Such a weird and interesting fact to know.

#10. Can’t cats hear?-

It is so weird when someone tells you that there are cats who cannot hear.

But it is true that 65-85% of all white cats born with two blue eyes are deaf, and if a cat is born with just one blue eye, only the hearing on that side is impaired.

Such an interesting fact to know.

#11. An interesting fact about the Spanish language-

It would be weird to hear that one word has two meanings and that two are wives and handcuffs.

In the Spanish language, a word Esposas has two meanings wives and handcuffs and it is not a coincidence.

#12. Do you know that one of the 7 wonders of the world is slowly being stolen?

Can you imagine someone stealing a huge building?

but it is true that people are slowly stealing a wonder of the world.

The great wall of china is being stolen brick-by-brick by locals to build houses and also by visitors as souvenirs.

The officials of the state administration of cultural heritage announced that regular inspection and checking will also continue off the wall to ensure that no one can stell any brick.

such a weird fact.

#13. A man killed by his stupidity-

Can you imagine a man telling someone to shoot him, obviously not but this is truth read below-

In 2001, a man was shot dead while testing a bulletproof potion. He’d asked a witchdoctor to make him invincible to bullets. After applying a potion for two weeks, a fellow villager shot him to check if it worked. He died instantly.

such an interesting truth to hear.

#14. Are sharks sick too-

Have you ever heard that a shark has become ill or has cancer?

Sharks can’t get sick because they have the best immunity to diseases that are known to man and deadly diseases like cancer do not affect them at all.

#15. Can you imagine a person who died while dancing?

It would be very strange news if we came to know that someone died while dancing.

But this is a truth and not a single, 400 people died while dancing.

In 1518, there was a “Dancing Epidemic” that occurred in Strasbourg, 400 people danced uncontrollably for one month and died of a heart attack.

This a truth and a very surprising fact.

#16. Do you know that birds are also trained?

It is strange to hear, but it is true that birds are also trained.

France has trained D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis- four golden eagles to destroy small unmanned drones.

They trained these golden eagles in tribute to Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers.

Trainers take eight months to fully train these eagles.

#17. Do you think you eat some fruit but its taste is like any other fruit?

If not, then let me tell you a fruit in which you can enjoy two.

The Pineberry is a white strawberry that tastes like a pineapple.

So if you ever get a chance to eat Pineberry then don’t waste it, because it appears like strawberry but it tastes like pineapple, then you will enjoy two in one.

#18. If you want to know how a man spent his $99,900 then read below-

Once a man spent $99,900 just only for buy a Cheeto.

Actually a man posted a Cheeto on eBay which looks like a gorilla but this is not a surprising fact. Surprisingly, a man paid $99,900 just to buy Flamin’ Hot Cheeto that looks like Harambe the gorilla.

This is a truth and a weird fact to hear.

#19. Do you know how the diabetes test was done earlier?

You must have been surprised to read this, because you must be thinking that the diabetes test would be the same as it is now.

But it is not because you will be very surprised by knowing the earlier method.

Before blood glucose tests were available, doctors would taste the urine of their patients to diagnose diabetes. A sweet taste meant the patient was diabetic.

I know you must also be surprised by knowing this weird fact.

#20. Do you know how long rap has been playing?

You must be thinking that it has been a few years since rap came.

But this is not a truth, you know that rap has been going on from the 5th century.

The concept of the “rap battle” has existed since the 5th century, where poets would engage in “flyting,” a spoken word event where poets would insult one another in verse.

This is such an interesting fact to know.

#21. An ostrich kick can kill a lion-

I know that you must be surprised after hearing that the king of the jungle can die by kicking an ostrich.

It sounds so strange that a lion can die with the kick of an ostrich.

But this is a truth, that an ostrich can kill a lion with one of its powerful swift kick by his long legs. ostriches have big nails at the end of both toes which is very powerful and can kill any dreaded animal.

#22. Which is the longest word?

You have heard many words in your whole life which must be shorter or longer in length, but I am going to tell you a word which is very long in length and the longest word in the Oxford English dictionary.

The longest word in the Oxford English dictionary is “PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS”

I know you must have been surprised by reading this word because it is such a word that neither you can speak nor read in one breath.

#23. How much Cadbury spent in their logo?

I am going to tell you something that you will never think of, nor have you ever heard.

Have you ever thought how much money Cadbury spends on its logo? if not, then let me tell you this amazing trivia that you will be stunned to hear.

Cadbury spends more than $1,240,626 (9,43,60,215approx INR) on a new logo.

I know you can’t believe it but it’s a truth.

#24. Whom you attached more mom or dad-

Everyone would ask you whether you love mommy more or father in your childhood.

But do you know who you are more attached to, let me tell you this weird fact which is a real truth.

While your relationship with both parents affects your personality, being rejected by your father can cause greater and longer-lasting emotional damage.

what do you think about this?

#25. Why mostly school buses are yellow?

Whenever you go to school, you must have seen a lot of school buses but did you ever notice that most of the school buses are in yellow color.

Have you ever wondered why most school buses are yellow in color?

Let me tell you this because humans notice the yellow color 1.24 times faster than any other eye-catching color.

This is the reason behind this, and an interesting fact also.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article which gives you more knowledge and experience about the weird fact that will blow your mind and remember to share this as much as you can with your friends or colleagues. Don’t forget to click the notification icon and turn it on. as a result, you receive new updates from our website. I will be back soon with some new and interesting trivia.

25 Interesting and Weird Fact




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